“[The] team really works hard to find the right home, the right place based on all factors and considerations, for a small business owner and that’s what business owners are looking for.”
Shalom Klein, Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein
“It was just wonderful… We got to sit down with the designer and space planner, Anne, and she just did a fabulous job melding the two spaces together and getting us what we needed to function as efficiently as possible.”
Christ Rintz, 180 properties
“…truly, all our co-tenants are friendly and nice to see in the halls and elevators. The building is clean and you keep updating it, which is nice and ALL the Weiss employee[s] are an awesome representation of Weiss. Everyone is always courteous and also responsive to our needs.”
Sherri Silberg, Lang Financial
“I would recommend [Weiss Properties] to any potential clients or tenants that are looking for a little more than the typical tenant / landlord relationship.”
Avi Goldfeder, Pharmore Medical Distribution