New Life To Buildings And Communities

Bringing Adaptive Reuse to Chicago

We See the Potential in Properties

At Weiss Properties, we believe in Adaptive Reuse. Throughout the United States, there are many older properties that sit vacant and obsolete. These once important centers of industry now only add financial burden and visual blight to the towns and cities that they occupy.  Instead of building communities, these spaces tear them down.

They didn’t start like that and they don’t need to stay that way.

When we see a property, we see what it should be. These buildings sit in vibrant cities, with great potential for growth if they could be used. We envision that growth and with that vision we can begin to restore and re-purpose the space. Our skilled interior designers and construction crews work hard to reclaim and remodel buildings to fit the needs of the tenants and communities they serve.

Weiss Properties has adapted over 1,000,000 square feet of property to serve people again.  We pride ourselves on our work to restore buildings and their communities, so much so that our headquarters is also an adapted space. Once a factory, 8100 McCormick Blvd in Skokie, IL is now a modern, updated facility with office and flex space and a lively, interactive community.

Our Transformations

Below is a small sample of our work in revitalizing old buildings. Whether it’s a simple paint job and new carpets or breaking down and rebuilding walls and ceilings, we strive to bring out the best in each of our buildings.

WiFi Professional Building – Entrance

WiFi Professional Building – Exterior

Skokie Tech Center – Interior

Skokie Tech Center – Exterior

The Fairway Executive Building – Tenant Lounge

The Pinnacle at Park Ridge – Lobby