What Is the Weiss Experience?

 It’s more than our knowledgeable and courteous maintenance staff or our experienced leasing and design teams. We go above and beyond by defining our success based on the success of the businesses that lease with us.  We are the host to their ventures. Their suites can be the deciding factor on how much they accomplish, whether it’s leaving the right impression with clients, having optimal room layouts for a steady workflow, or having a good atmosphere to help stay productive.

To that end, we provide a number of services and events that create not just a great suite, but a great community on our campuses. At Weiss Properties, we know that good community and good management can make the difference for a business and its team. That’s why it’s our goal is to deliver the best tenant experience in all of Chicagoland.

Interior Design Specialists

From day one, we want you to be at 100 percent. That’s why we offer in-house interior design services to get your space ready. Whether joining or dividing suites, breaking up a suite into smaller offices, designing an open concept or anything else you need, we’re there to help make it happen.

We can set you up with our Standard Buildout Plan, giving you a large variety of paint and carpet to choose from at no extra charge to you. We’ll help you get the modern look to create the best workspace for you.

We can also design advanced buildouts to get you the amenities you want. Our in-house construction team will enable us to get these changes for you for far less than what you would normally expect. These include custom desks, lighting, kitchen and break areas and much more.  We can get you the stunning space you want for an unbelievably low price.

It’s our way of making sure you start out on the right foot.

Community Events and Networking

At Weiss Properties, we know the power of good relationships between businesses. With over 200 companies and organizations residing in our properties, we strive to have great working relationships and a large and diverse community. Having those connections enables us to deliver the high quality services that we want our tenants to have.

We want that level of success for you.

We strive to create a community for our tenants to thrive in and enjoy. We host a number of events to help our businesses mingle with one another, including summertime barbecues, festivals and networking events at all our properties. We have a variety of professional development events where you and your employees can learn what’s new in the ever changing world of business. We also use our website and LinkedIn to help provide this information in a more casual way.

It’s our way of helping you keep informed and happy, so that your business can flourish.

Tenant Amenities

We like to give our tenants something to look forward to. Whether it’s to help make their place of business more like a home or giving them exciting opportunities, we want every day at our properties to be a rewarding one.

Many of our locations come with various amenities programs.  Our beautiful conference rooms and lounge areas will give you the benefits of a large property at only a fraction of the cost. Our kitchenettes and break spaces enable you and your employees to get the most out of your break time so you return to work refreshed. Our fitness center and steam rooms (located at our WiFi Professional Building in Skokie) will help you keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

In-House Maintenance

If something goes wrong in your suite, you need it fixed ASAP. Thanks to our advance ticket system, our maintenance crews are always there for you. Each of our buildings is staffed by an engineer who will receive your message and will respond to you immediately.  They will keep you informed about their progress until the job is done. With our in-house construction capabilities, we can handle any situation quickly and professionally.

Our properties are all maintained by overnight cleaning crews. If you are not satisfied by their work, we’re not. We’ll make sure they’ll do the job right.

At Weiss Properties, we want you to never have to hesitate to reach out to us.