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Our Interior Designers Will Help You from Outline to Opening

At Weiss Properties, we make sure you’re set up for success. Your business doesn’t have time for sub-optimal.  You need a space that fits your exact needs from day one. That’s where we come in.  You don’t need to search everywhere for a space, trying to find the perfect fit. At Weiss, we’ll design it for you.  Then we’ll handle all the planning, permits and construction to get what you want without the hassle.

It’s an experience nobody else provides.

We have five steps to get you from start to finish.

  1.  Space Planning – Deciding the size of the suite and what rooms you need

  2.  Utility and Decorative Consultation – Getting the right look and infrastructure for your needs

  3.  Construction Drawings and Permits – Sending you the final design and keeping you informed throughout the permit process

  4.  Construction – Keeping you posted on our work and sending you progress pictures

  5.  Opening Ceremony – Cutting the ribbon with you at your new beginning

Space Planning

White blueprints on table

We’re very flexible at Weiss Properties! We’re always willing to consider dividing or joining suites to give you the elbow room you are looking for. After we get the size right, we can help you arrange the current rooms. We’ve built conference rooms, offices, work spaces and more. Whether you are looking for an open concept or a traditional office space, we can get you set up with the right foundation.

Utility and Decorative Consultation


We have an extensive interior design library at our fingertips. With a large array of carpets, floors and paints in our Standard Buildout Package to choose, you’ll get a beautiful office for no extra charge. Our interior designers will help you get the modern look that will wow you, your employees and your visitors.

We can then help you get the premium designs you want for incredible low costs. Maybe you want custom desks to give your office a refined atmosphere.  Perhaps you want a new lighting system installed. We help a lot of tenants meet their unique needs.

Here’s a partial list of things we’ve designed, built and installed

  • Custom Desks and Cubicles

  • Conference Rooms

  • Full Kitchens and Kitchenettes

  • Bar Areas with High Top Chairs

  • Breakrooms and Lounges

  • Doctor Office Waiting Rooms

  • Shelving and Storage

  • Winding Staircases

  • High Windows

  • Secret Passage Bookcase?!?

We also will assess your utility needs and devise a plan to meet them. We are able to arrange your heating, A/C, Electrical and Lighting needs for you. We even can arrange installing overhead doors for an industrial or flex space!

Ask our designers how they can help you achieve your suite dreams.

Construction Drawings and Permits

forms on a table with Weiss Properties Mug in background

Once we know what you want, we need to get it documented to acquire the permits! We’ll draw this information up and send it to you. When you’re happy with it, we’ll start working with officials to get what we need to start building. We will keep you posted on our progress getting these documents.


Two story construction with man on ladder

After everything is cleared, our construction crews will start working on renovations. They have the skills to take to seamlessly transform your new suite. As we work, we will be taking progress pictures as your vision takes shape. With our Suite Dreams Transformations emails, you’ll get to see it transform right before your eyes!

Opening Ceremony

Staff Cutting a Red Ribbon with big scissors

Your suite is finished, time to celebrate! With our ribbon cutting ceremony, you’ll be able to mark the beginning of you new venture. We’ll help you with the festivities by providing food, drinks and party supplies for you and your team to enjoy. We’ll be photographing the event and afterwards we will send you framed picture of you making your cut! It’s our way of welcoming you to the community.

Are you ready to start your exciting journey?

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